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Seltec's Internet and security services is directed at providing our customers with the least expensive and most secure way to get on the internet. Whether at home or at the office. If you currently use dial-up or dedicated (high-speed internet), we can get you surfing and emailing securely.

If you have more than one computer and only one phone-line or dedicated connection to the internet, and you would like both computers to be on the internet at the same time, give us a call and we'll show you how.

With high-speed internet growing in popularity, people often ask us how they can protect their computers and networks from hackers and viruses. Being connected to the internet with a modem or a dedicated connection can leave your computers wide open to "hackers." These people can gain access to your computer system while you are online and potentially remove files from your hard drive. We have devised an inexpensive yet effective solution against this. Packages are available for home and business users.

Our Gateway, Firewall, and Software service will:

  • Block open TCP/UDP ports while connected to the internet.
  • Monitor hack attempts and block them right away.
  • Track frequent hackers and give you a report on them.
  • Protect ALL email coming into the office from viruses or harmful scripts.

Remember, if you have high-speed internet and you leave your system running, you are more susceptible to attacks. Protect yourself. Even using dial-up networking leaves you exposed to people who are trying to gain access to your computer systems.

Give us a call for more information or to set up a demonstration.